A great and comfortable night’s sleep improves your overall health and well being. This is often attributed to the quality, durability, comfort and style of your bed. Without these, your sleep can be disturbed by squeaking, creaking and more. Plus, if you don’t sleep on a bed with a proper mattress, you will get back pains and it is never fun waking up sore every morning. In this article, we will talk about the importance of choosing the right bed.

Bed Size That Is Right for You

We have a wide selection of beds! From bunk beds, sofa beds, single, double, king, queen, California king and more. You might need to think about looking for at least a double sized as this is ideal for one person to comfortably sleep in rather than two. If you have a small room then single bed might be your only option. This takes up less space and makes your room feel big. But if you are sleeping with a partner choose a king or queen sized bed. Visit our showroom to see for yourself a selection of solidly built, gorgeous looking bed frames that you can enjoy for decades.

Select a Comfy Mattress

The most common mattress you see in the market is identified as foam, inner spring or latex. Traditionally, the inner spring type is popular but in recent years, memory foam and latex types are more favorable due to comfort and performance. Living ‘n Style quality beds are elegantly designed to offer a superior performance and sleep comfort.

Your mattress should be the correct size for your bed frame. If it doesn’t fit perfectly onto the bed frame, its lifespan will lower and greatly affect how you sleep. Try to feel or lay on it so you can test yourself how comfortable the mattress is before committing to purchase. Check its firmness. Back and stomach sleepers should look for medium-firm or firm mattresses. Side sleepers should look for medium-soft or medium mattresses. But remember comfort is subjective. Some would still prefer a softer or a firmer mattress or some consider other factors like upper body or back pain.

A good night’s sleep depends on the quality, durability, comfort and style of a bed. Find the perfect mattress and bed frame for your needs, visit Living ‘n Style at the 2nd floor Parkmall today.

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