Create a comfort for your home with Living ‘n Style

From its humble beginning in 2002, Living ‘n Style started a showroom at Cebu Home and Builders Centre, with its main goal to provide Filipinos a comfort of living through its world class quality furniture and home accessories.
Imported mainly from Europe and Asia, furniture pieces of Living ‘n Style became known to many customers as high-end quality and more elegant in style. As the market preference changed over the years, Living ‘n Style started to diversify and expand its product offering in 2007 to include contemporary furniture designs and home decors that were sourced from Asia, particularly in Singapore, China, and Malaysia to cater to the middle and high-end market.
This proved to be a great success, as it was welcomed by more customers with all fervor and enthusiasm. Living ‘n Style continues to grow its market by consistently providing excellent quality furniture, home decor, accessories, floor and wall covering at reasonable prices to meet the demands of its target customers. Following this significant achievement, Living ‘n Style opened its showroom at Parkmall in 2010. This opened more opportunities for the company as it continues to delight customers with great product offering catered to specific class B-C market.
Through continuous product research and brand development, Living ‘n Style position itself to be the choice for comfort living providing world class brand of furniture and accessories. In 2017, Living ‘n Style opened another showroom at Parkmall. The new showroom showcases Nestnordic brand furniture from Hin Lim products that is Scandinavian furniture designs to complement the contemporary style of home living.
Living ‘n Style is now the by-word in exquisite furniture brand in all levels of the society in Cebu and other regions in the Visayas.

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