Trends with Nature

For 2022, interior designers recommend that a natural wood and warm browns can easily turn a space into an element of elegance, modern luxury and organic fresh look.  A dash of greenery can add bold colors, shapes and unique textures as these compliments the warm color of a natural wood. A combination of both color accents can liven up just about any space in your home. Living ‘n Style nature-inspired furniture designs and decors will surely bring authentic greenery into your space.

Curved Edges Furniture

Get into that curvaceous trend! The curved furniture trend is steaming up into 2022. Bring this design furniture into your living space as curves imply relaxation, luxury and comfort. Opting for furniture pieces with a soft natural curvature and pairing with a rounded coffee table is a perfect fit.

Interior Trends with Black Accents

Black is back! Interior designers go extreme with black. Black is officially replacing gray as the go to color for modern design. This neutral base color simply never goes out of style. Make the focal point of any room black like the couch in your living room, the table in your kitchen and display cabinets to give out a striking punch.  If you want to add vibrant colors, green leafy plants are the best option to pop up some colors.

Shades of Brown is Trendy

Chocolate brown is back! Interior designers believe that modern house looks great with some period furniture. It adds character, making everything looks so right and it look as if it has always been there. Chocolate brown furniture inspires a feeling of warmth, relaxation, and timeless elegance making the space you never want to leave.

Find your new favorite piece of furniture at Living ‘n Style showroom, 2nd Floor Park mall. A range of visual styles and trends awaits you there.

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